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Unfortunately, there are many dental and mouth myths in the world that many people believe to be true. This leads to improper oral health care as well as many dental issues. So, today Dr. Michael Kesner and our dental team would like to set the record straight with mouth and dental myths.

Myth No. 1: It’s normal to have bleeding gums.
It is not normal to have bleeding gums. In fact, it could be a sign of a major dental issue, like gum disease. Oftentimes, the gums bleed because you do not regularly floss. This is a habit you should quit as soon as possible. Make sure to floss your teeth at least once a day. Also, if you have bleeding gums, please schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Myth No. 2: String floss is the only tool you can use to clean between your teeth.
String floss is not the only tool you can use to clean between your teeth. You can use other tools, like flossing sticks or water flossers, to remove the plaque and other particles from your teeth. They are just as effective and can even be easier to use.

Myth No. 3: Your teeth are healthy if they don’t hurt.
Although not having tooth pain is quite convenient, it doesn’t mean your smile is healthy. There are many dental issues, like gum disease, that can attack and damage your smile without you feeling a thing. So, make sure to keep up on oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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