Made Ya Smile Dental offers prophylaxis treatments, or deep teeth cleanings, to help treat and prevent gum disease. To learn more about prophylaxis in Texas, and make your appointment with one of our dentists, call 281-407-6901 today!

Prophylaxis is a procedure that involves scaling the tooth and cleaning the tooth below the gums to prevent future issues such as gum disease. Our dentists also use this treatment as an opportunity to search for any other problematic developments, such as cavities.

One of the biggest benefits of prophylaxis is that it provides a more extensive tooth cleaning that what patients are capable of performing alone. Even those patients with exemplary oral hygiene habits cannot protect the portion of their teeth that lies below the gum line. During a prophylaxis treatment, our dentists can perform a deep teeth cleaning by removing the tartar that has built up below the gums.

Prophylaxis treatments also involve polishing to make teeth smoother, and less likely to attract bacteria or other deposits in the future. Regular prophylaxis treatments can make a significant difference in preventing future oral health problems like bone loss and gum disease.

We recommend that our patients visit our office for prophylaxis treatments on a regular basis. The frequency of your visits depends on your oral health and dental history. Some patients may benefit from having these deep teeth cleanings twice a year, while others will be fine with receiving the treatment once every two years. Patients who visit the dentist more frequently have a better chance of quickly treating or preventing potential problems.