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Teeth Whitening at Home
Teeth whitening is something on most people’s minds. A white, clean smile makes you look more youthful, healthy, and attractive. It may even improve your social life. There are toothpaste, mouthwashes, and even chewing gum products devoted to whitening your teeth.
But what’s actually the best way to whiten your teeth? There are many methods, but they fall into two essential categories: DIY and professional. DIY treatments are done at home or in a non-professional setting like a spa. Professional treatments are performed in a general dentist’s office.
So which way is more effective? Should you visit a general dentist and trust their heavily researched methods or use home products and try them out for yourself? Here’s a breakdown of which method may be right for you.

DIY: Pros

DIY whitening treatments like store-bought whitening creams, strips, and gels are popular nowadays, especially with the big shift toward natural healthcare products. Many people now use natural coconut oil and activated charcoal to whiten their teeth.
The advantages of DIY whitening include not having to make or go to an appointment at a general dentistry in Houston, TX, the comfort of being at home, and potentially lower costs. You also have the advantage of trying multiple methods until you find the one that works.

DIY: Cons

Buying several DIY whitening treatments until you find a good fit can be costlier than visiting a general dentistry office, especially if you have insurance that will help cover the costs of doing it in office. Another thing to note is some DIY treatments aren’t American Dental Association-approved, and some might put you at risk of tooth damage or loss.
Finally, some DIY treatments just don’t work. There is no evidence that certain products actually whiten your teeth at all, and some of them simply rely on the placebo effect of making you think you see a difference.

Professional: Pros

Professional teeth whitening treatments include laser teeth whitening, custom whitening gels, and Lumineers. A good dentist will review your dental history and inspect your teeth to determine which method may be right for you. Some methods, like using thin Lumineers applications, can be done at home!
Professional whitening targets surface stains and reverses signs of aging teeth. These treatments can be combined with your general cleanings and other cosmetic services to improve your entire smile.

Professional: Cons

Teeth Whitening
Some people are understandably reluctant to visit a dentist. However, the best general dentistry services in Houston, TX, will make efforts to help you feel comfortable and secure. And while some people are budget-conscious, a good dental office will also work with your insurance and budget to find the best whitening treatment plan that works for you. Contact Made Ya Smile today to make an appointment for reliable, safe, effective, and affordable whitening treatments that offer noticeable results.