Dr. Isabelle Farmer was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, a suburb of Paris, at the American Hospital. Her parents met during WWII after the D-Day Invasion and subsequent liberation of Paris by the Allies. Dr. Randy Farmer was born in Amarillo, Texas and grew up in Austin, Texas.

Both doctors attended Texas A&M University before being admitted to the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, Texas and graduating in 1983 (Isabelle) and 1984 (Randy). They met while both were in dental school. The doctors have been married since 1981. They started the practice you see today back in 1984. They moved locations in 1993 in order to update their facility and better serve their patients. In 1992, they adopted Ben, their son, when he was just 3 days old.

Our Philosophy As dentists, both doctors were trained to think in pieces and parts. And although they received a very good foundational education both at Texas A&M University and The University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, they have come to understand that people are not a collection of pieces and parts. This happened as a result of doing thousands of hours of continuing education in and out of the field of dentistry.

Their ongoing education has led to a philosophy that focuses on whole health, including things like the nutrition that patients get. It also led to their decision over eight years ago not to place dental amalgam (mercury fillings) in their patients’ teeth. For more information about this, please look under our topic about Cosmetic Dentistry. If ever you have any questions about our backgrounds or treatment philosophies, always feel free to ask us.